W307 scie murale à béton | scie murale hydraulique | machine à couper les murs en béton | scie à béton

No. d'article: W307
La scie murale à béton Vopen W307 convient à tous les types de coupage du béton, cette scie murale à béton alimentée par un groupe hydraulique, la scie murale à bois W307 à grande puissance et robustesse.
Description spécification vidéos

The Vopen Model W307 concrete wall saw are easy to handle, operate and offer a very good power, this concrete wall cutting machine powered by hydraulic power pack, easily cut through heavily reinforced concrete or brick with our hydraulic concrete wall saw, wall saws is good for all kinds of concrete cutting. Comparing Hilti/Husqvarna/tyrolit/Pentruder wall saw, Vopen hydraulic concrete saw with very cost-effective.
hydraulic track saw (also called a diamond wall saw) use International forerunner of hydraulic and digital remote control system, Performance and efficiency meet the reinforced concrete cutting with professional nondestructive, and 90% of the major parts procurement in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, the United States, Japan and other countries, and Taiwan, magnesium aluminum alloy titanium cutting machine with a high dynamic weight rate. Model 307, Model 207 work by remote control free switch the cutting machine three-speed ,and best to adjust the cutting speed and torque, let the cutting more easily.
hydraulic concrete sawing safe, easy to operate, reliable, low maintenance costs and can matched with hydraulic wire sawing, Hydraulic core drilling.
Applicable scope
Widely used in tunnels, bridges, mining enterprises infrastructure , staircases and other building projects concrete cutting.